In Cooperation with:experimonde, die Welt des Experiments e.V
Sound: In Cooperation with: FABIENNE HUDEC

What if we had the possibility to start over again – and how would we create the world if all possibilities were open to us?

The development of modern technologies is mainly linked to economical and political interests mainly focusing on the increase of capital. Instead of using expanded facilities to dispense prosperity or upgrade living and working conditions, discrepancies are increasing in many ways. The demographic change displays the decline of human population in industrialized societies.

Low-cost workers in underprivileged countries are being exploited under inhumane conditions to maximize the profit of market leaders and the consumerism of purchasers. In spite of most efficient machinery many people do not seem to have more time and less work – the opposite is often the case. Likewise technological developments do often go along with homogenization, exploitation of information, the control and steering of players in a system that becomes progressively unreliable, undemocratic and unsettled. Although freedom is suggested by wealth and the right to self-determination we are bound to specific dynamics by norms, values and rules often allowing present structures to appear desperate leaving ourselves with a feeling of powerlessness.

But what if there would be a chance to think realities in a different way?

Through the option of pressing the reset button the artist enables the recipient to become conscious of his say and freedom of scope. As an alternative draft to mass-consumerism, advertising and war industry or surveillance technologies a space emerges in which utopias can derive and delineate our potential and responsibility in terms of actively taking part in the creation of the reality we live in. In this process the physical act of pushing refers to the body as a storage medium of memories an trauma that should now be turned into a base of creativity and actionability.